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There are many benefits associated with the use of precast concrete components. Of course these require proper design, use of the correct materials and manufacturing processes with skilled and knowledgeable personnel.

Here’s why you should specify precast concrete on your next project. With all the advantages of using precast concrete, it’s no wonder the civilized world can depend on the inherent quality, value and permanence of precast concrete.

  • Manufacture of precast elements concurrent with commencement of early site work.
  • Expedited construction
  • Reduce time on site
  • Reduces site defects
  • Reduces propping and scaffolding costs
  • Lower site labour cost
  • Reduce plant, amenities, tools and materials storage on site.
  • Minimise finance cost resulting from reduced build time.
  • Earlier revenue receipts because of shorter project times.
  • Once precast installation starts, on-site construction and off-site manufacturing can be overlapped, thereby reducing overall site construction time.
  • The continued, uninterrupted erection of precast structural components lends itself perfectly to fast track construction schedules.
  • Installation incorporates the latest in connection technology, and can proceed swiftly and safely in almost any weather by expert erectors.
  • Concrete curing time will not affect project time. Most precast products are trafficable after installation.
SR Properties RCC Boundary Walls Traditional Brick Walls Remarks
1 Construction time (for 100 meters wall) Constructed just within 2 days. It takes at least 7 days to construct and another 7 days for water curing RCC Compound walls save precious construct time
2 Strength RCC Panels consist of high tensile wire at every 75 mm distance and can be cut only by mechanical means. The weakest part of this wall is its 150 mm thick brick masonry which can be easily broken by ordinary hand tools. RCC Compound walls provide more better security for industrial campus
3 Long Lasting High durable as RCC panels are made from superior quality of concrete and steel materials. Weak in nature as it depends on the quality of thickness, quality of sands, span of curing, the art of workmanship etc. RCC Compound walls require almost nil maintenance.
4 Re-stability Can be moved easily from one place to another without losing the strength and quality Get broken easily during movement staring from destruction to reconstruction. Almont 50% get lost in terms of quantity and quality. RCC walls get stabled quickly as if new walls are being made.


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