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Retaining walls are a landscape structure that is generally based on a block system. These retaining wall blocks are installed using an interlocking system to form the wall structure. Retaining walls are usually made from stone, concrete, masonry, brick, steel or wood.

Retaining walls are built to form a structure to hold back soil or rock from any type of building or property. Retaining walls can be built for decorative appeal in landscaped gardens, but they are generally installed to prevent erosion, provide support for grade changes in land and to prevent down slope movement.

Stone retaining walls, brick retaining walls and wood retaining walls are still popular, however manufactured concrete retaining wall blocks have taken over the market. This is because being a manufactured product, it is more highly available and much more cost affective than other natural materials. This makes these blocks the preferred choice for both contractors and homeowners.


Retaining wall systems are built for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, residential and community applications where a wall system is required to stop soil from moving downwards and eliminate the affects of soil, rock and earth movement causes. By featuring such wall systems on highways, bridges, foreshores and many other community locations, retaining wall systems also ensures the public safety from landslides and falling rocks.


Retaining wall costs will vary depending on the material that has been chosen, the wall designs, the wall height, the time and labor involved if a landscape contractor has been hired. Many home owners are taking on the challenges to cut back costs by building the retaining wall themselves.


Protect Your Property :-

A sloped landscaped environment needs protection and the best way to do so is building a retaining wall system. In such sloped or steep landscapes, in time the soil will move down the slope and cause erosion issues from natural elements and in some cases landslides can occur. So to protect your property from such natural causes from happening but to also provide safety on your property, a suitable retaining wall system is the best solution for you to consider.

Enhancement To an Unattractive Wall :-

A retaining wall does not have to be an unattractive wall structure, in fact many home owners and landscape designers wisely utilize its appearance as an additional enhancement feature to create character and beauty to the overall landscape decor and presentation. Single garden walls, garden wall elevations, steps and stairs, outdoor living rooms, fence systems, leveling out landscapes are the most popular applications that many residential properties feature retaining walls for their functional and decorative attributes.

Brick Retaining Walls Are Still a Favorable Option :-

There are various building materials that retaining walls can be constructed from. The most common materials are natural stone, pre cast concrete blocks, timer and bricks. A retaining wall built from brick is still a favorable option. Bricks have so many benefits and advantages for their functional and decorative values. They provide the wall to be a strong and a stable structure that enables large amount of soil to be contained effectively. As for the decorative impact, bricks are available in various sizes, shapes and textures which allows many wall design and pattern possibilities to suit your personal requirement.

If you do opt for a brick retaining wall that you want to build yourself, you should consult with a professional first and they will advice you if this building material is suitable for the wall height, the wall design and the quantity of soil that needs containing. You also must check with your local building code authorities, as there are certain height restrictions that require application submissions for approval.


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