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Precast prestressed walls are gaining popularity in cities, basically because of the finely processed building material which is pure and gives great strength to the walls. Khamma Infra Compound Wall Designs presents a strong exterior and requires absolutely no maintenance.

Our Precast prestressed walls are mechanically produced in our state of the art manufacturing facility that does not pollute the environment as compared to traditional brick and cement manufacturing which can be quite polluting.

We offer a wide range of Precast prestressed walls that are made to industry standards and which incorporate quality and reflect the changing global requirements . Khamma Infra is geared to manufacture building material of high quality that incorporates nature. The next generation material is available in various load bearing capacities and so they can be used in single and multi-story buildings, private as well as public. We maintain high quality standards and our customers benefit as constructing with Precast prestressed walls minimises costs.


  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With The Stressing System (4-Pieces In Each Panel)
  • Height : 300 mm
  • Length : 2100 mm
  • Thickness : 50mm
  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With Stressing System (7-Pieces In Each Column)
  • Length Of The Column Depends On The Customer’s Requirement
  • 150 X 150 mm Width


  • Precast Prestressed Wall Installation saves time to Construct your Compound wall.
  • With Cost Effective Precast Prestressed Wall are made with high Strength.
  • Panels are columns are reinforced with HT Steel / High Carbon Wires.
  • In panels we are using 4 bars and 7 bars in colums
  • Precast Prestressed Wall are Very Cost Effective Solution to Construct Compound Wall
  • Precast Prestressed Wall saves 50-55% Cost Compare to Brick Wall Construction
  • For Example, Where Brick wall Construction Costs 8 Lakhs at this time Precast Prestressed Wall Cost Only 4 Lakhs or Lower Cost
  • Precast Panels are reusable. If you want to relocate your Boundary 90-95% Material Will be reused.


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