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Everything is coming these days in mobile form; finally, we have got the mobile walls. These are called folding walls. They are thick panels joined to one another with hinges. Whenever or wherever you want a cubicle, a room or any other type of enclosure, you have the option to use folding walls. In addition to their ability to form a room or an enclosure, they make perfect sound proof environments. Since these folding walls are mounted on a track system, once installed they are like permanent walls, sturdily in place.

You have two types of tracks. The track could be either on the floor or set on the ceiling in order to hang the folding wall. The choice of the track system could be decided depending on where you are going to install your folding walls. Length of a folding wall could be easily adjusted due to the way the folding wall is designed. It is better when you have the possibility to hang the folding walls on the ceiling because you will not need floor tracks. In case you are not able to do that, you have the possibility of having floor tracks. When it comes to folding glass walls this has to be the way as the folding glass walls are comparatively heavy.

These movable walls are made using quite a few materials in order to make them sound proof. Being 80mm in thickness the folding wall is made with a strong frame of anodized aluminium. Therefore you need not worry about their strength. Anodized aluminium could provide the necessary strength to these movable walls. As for the surfaces of the folding walls you have quite a lot of possibilities. You could decorate the surfaces of them using veneers, paint, wall papers, or any other material of your choice. You can decide what to use depending on your requirement. However, for folding glass panels you do not need any surface material and you only need to clean them.

Generally, the materials used in the manufacture of the folding walls are fire safe. But if your requirement is a fire safe folding wall, the best is to tell your supplier that you want one that is fire safe. Then he will ask the manufacturers to give you the fire rating of these movable walls. Then you have a guarantee against fire hazards.

These folding walls do not need any maintenance and they are easy to install. For a small project, you have the possibility to buy the folding walls from the supplier without prior ordering but if yours is a larger project, it is better to contact the supplier and make him aware of your requirement. Khamma Infra is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of folding walls in india. Then you are guaranteed with your supply on time. Also you have the option to order the specific colors and sizes of the folding walls you want.

Folding doors are a useful solution for offices and even homes. Your partitions made with them are sound proof and fire resistant. In addition to that, they are convenient install and use.


  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With The Stressing System (4- Pieces In Each Panel)
  • Height : 300 mm
  • Length : 2100 mm
  • Thickness : 50mm
  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With Stressing System (7- Pieces In Each Column)
  • Length Of The Column Depends On The Customer’s Requirement
  • 150 X 150 mm Width


  • Folding Wall Installation saves time to Construct your Compound wall.
  • With Cost Effective Folding Wall are made with high Strength.
  • Panels are columns are reinforced with HT Steel / High Carbon Wires.
  • In panels we are using 4 bars and 7 bars in colums
  • Folding Wall are Very Cost Effective Solution to Construct Compound Wall
  • Folding Wall saves 50-55% Cost Compare to Brick Wall Construction
  • For Example, Where Brick wall Construction Costs 8 Lakhs at this time Folding Wall Cost Only 4 Lakhs or Lower Cost
  • Precast Panels are reusable. If you want to relocate your Boundary 90-95% Material Will be reused.


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