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Barbed wire fence or even barb wire is a kind of fencing wire designed with prickly factors or sides placed in distances across the strings. It is utilized to develop economical fences and it is applied on top of wall space that encompass sheltered property. It’s also an essential attribute within the defenses within trench combats by means of a cable barrier. A pet or an individual trying in order to surpass the barbed cable fencing will certainly experience anxiousness and most likely injury. Barbed cable fencing requires only fence position, wire as well as fastening tools like staples. It really is straight ahead and quick to create by actually an inexperienced person. The primary copyright in the united states was issued within the year 1868 to Kent’s Lucien C. Smith who’s regarded as the discoverer. It had been the primary technology which had the proportions to restrain cows.

They created stock breeding realistic on the much bigger range. It consists of thin as well as flat wire was anticipated within France through Leonce Eugene Grassin-Baledans within the year 1960. His style contained spiking places which caused it to be fencing unpleasant to complete. In 1865 the double ” cable ” fencing along with metal barbs had been proposed and was handed copyright. By 1967 6 copyrights have been issued having a couple dealing with livestock avoidance. After 1970 it had been used to safeguard their countries from intruding maqui berry farmers. The railroads needed to keep cows off their own trails as well as farmers to maintain cattle through treading on the crops. Conventional fencing components like rock and woods are not available and never reliable. A financial alternative was essential for profitable cows operations as well as barbed cable fencing demonstrated ideal.


  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With The Stressing System (4-Pieces In Each Panel)
  • Height : 300 mm
  • Length : 2100 mm
  • Thickness : 50mm
  • 3mm PPC Steel High Tensile Per Set, With Stressing System (7-Pieces In Each Column)
  • Length Of The Column Depends On The Customer’s Requirement
  • 150 X 150 mm Width


  • Barbed Wire Fence Installation saves time to Construct your Compound wall.
  • With Cost Effective Barbed Wire Fence are made with high Strength.
  • Panels are columns are reinforced with HT Steel / High Carbon Wires.
  • In panels we are using 4 bars and 7 bars in colums
  • Barbed Wire Fence are Very Cost Effective Solution to Construct Compound Wall
  • Barbed Wire Fence saves 50-55% Cost Compare to Brick Wall Construction
  • For Example, Where Brick wall Construction Costs 8 Lakhs at this time Barbed Wire Fence Cost Only 4 Lakhs or Lower Cost
  • Precast Panels are reusable. If you want to relocate your Boundary 90-95% Material Will be reused.


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